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3 Way Doughnut Inline Accordian Ash Catcher

Product Description

The FloInlineAsh Pyrex ash catcher features a unique 3 way doughnut design with a 19mm stem and a diffuser chamber with an inline accordion smoke diffuser. This ash catcher helps to prevent ashes from entering your water pipe, keeping your pipe cleaner longer. The FloInlineAsh acts as a filter and removes toxins before they enter your water pipe. Its unique diffusion feature separates your smoke, allowing for even more toxins to be removed before they enter your water pipe. Pyrex is a special kind of borosilicate glass that is different than ordinary glass. It is very strong glass and is chemical resistant, allowing for it to endure temperature fluctuations while also making it easier to clean than other glass. Each of these ash catchers is hand crafted for the perfect smoking experience. This FloInlineAsh ships in assorted Flo decals (unless otherwise specified).